DSS Green Gambit


Add a touch of class to your build with DSS Green Gambit, the first DSS keyset from MechSupply. A sophisticated aesthetic of Royal green meets smooth pink accents.

The standard base kit has been split, separating the alphanumeric keys from the modifiers, so that you can choose the correct combination for your board. There are alphanumeric options for standard US/UK layouts, as well as a NorDe option. The TKL modifiers includes for almost all common layouts, including ISO & ANSI, 1.75u & 2.25u shift, 1.5u bottom row and more. Ergodox and Ortholinear add-on kits can be used in conjunction with a alphanumeric kit to cover the respective layouts. Additional kits add support for full size as well as 40% boards.

The pink accents kit allows you to add a bit more colour to your build and a set of 4 chess themed novelties are also available, but can be obtained free of charge during the group-buy period if ordering 4+ kits (you do not need to add them to your cart). See the kit diagrams for more information and to make sure the keys you require for your keyboard are included!

This keyset is produced by Signature Plastics in ABS with double-shot legends in DSS profile. DSS is similar to DSA but fully sculptured. The keycaps have a semi-textured typing surface, in line with DSA keys.

Status: Active - GB ends 21st of Feb 2022
Estimated Ship Date: 15th June 2022

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Key Facts:
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Profile & Material: DSS Fully Sculptured ABS
Legends: Double-shot
Designer: Joe K
Credit: Renders - SpikedSynapse | Kit Design: Joe K & NoPunIn10Did