KBParadise V60 (ANSI)


Free up some valuable desk space with a Keyboard Paradise (KBP) V60. A worthy rival to the Poker series, the V60 is a great compact 60% mechanical keyboard with sturdy construction and minimalist design.

This keyboard has secondary layers to allow you to use the arrow keys and other functions such as volume control and print screen.

These boards feature either Gateron switches, the most revered Cherry MX compatible switch, or genuine Cherry MX switches. Multiple version of the V60 Keyboard are available, please refer to the list below showing which each designation corresponds to:

T = Top Legend Keycaps
F = Front Legend Keycaps
P = Programmable
U = RGB Underglow
L = Red/Blue Keycap LEDs

If a code is not shown next to a board in the list, that feature is not included. All keyboards in this group-buy are ANSI layout.

There is a limited number of some configurations available!

Group-buy status: Available
Group-buy close date: Open until shipping
Estimated Shipping Date: 20 September 2018

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