How It Works / FAQ

What is Mech Supply?

MechSupply is a UK company which organises and runs group-buys for the global mechanical keyboard community.

What is a group-buy?

A group-buy is where a large group of people commit to purchase a product and therefore surpass minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements and receive discounts for bulk orders.

What if the price changes after I pay?

If you join a supply and then the price then falls to a lower amount you will be refunded the difference between the new price and the price you paid for your items.

What if the MOQ isn't hit!?

If you make an order for an item and the MOQ is not hit when the group-buy closes, you will be refunded in full. If it is a group-buy with multiple options and not all of your items hit MOQ, you will be given the option whether you want just the items which did not hit MOQ refunded or the whole order. 

Do you ship to my country / how much is shipping to my country?

UK shipping is free on all items. MechSupply and UKKeycaps ship worldwide. Shipping prices are usually a flat rate and are £3.50 for small items (such a few keycaps) or £6.50 for most parcel sized items. 

When will I receive my items?

The estimated date of arrival is shown on each product page. This is the approximate date the product will be shipped from MechSupply.

Do I get a say in what group-buys are on MechSupply?

Yes! Head on over to the Vote page to have your voice heard.

I don't want to wait, I want to buy something now!

Check out  UKKeycaps for a variety of mechanical keyboard items in stock and ready to be shipped to you!