Devlin K-Series Aurora Planck & Preonic Keyset


Following on from the incredibly popular K-Series Retroist, Aurora is the second K-Series offering for the Planck Keyboard, and now supports the Preonic keyboard!

K-Series keycaps are produced by Devlin Electronics in the UK and are similar to Signature Plastics SA profile, however they are significantly thicker with superb build quality Please note this is NOT a Signature Plastics group-buy.

The K-Series profile is uniform non-sculpted similar to a SA row 3 keyset. This keyset is for the Planck & Preonic keyboards, and therefore only contains 1u and 2u keycaps. If you would like keycaps for a different layout which also uses only 1u, 1.5u and 2u keycaps please use the contact form to request a quote. I cannot offer double-shot keys that aren't already featured in this set.

Regarding the colour changes during the last group-buy, rest assured you can view real-life images of the keycap colours in the image titled 'True-to-life keycap colours'.

Please note: This keyset does not feature homing bumps or bars on the F and J keys.

MOQ Reached!

Group-buy Status: Available
Group-buy Close Date: 25th November 2017
Group-buy Shipping Date: 29th February 2018

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