DSA Royal Navy (Round 2 Oct 1st 2017)

£41.00 Coming Soon

Set sail on the treacherous seas with DSA Royal Navy, A Signature Plastics produced keyset designed in house by MechSupply! Featuring Navy Blue modifiers, white alphanumerics with blue legends and accents of Royal Red.

The base includes alphanumeric keys only so that you can choose the modifiers for your type of keyboard. Important: For most standard keyboards you will need to purchase both the base set and the modifiers! Child deals include keycap options for number-pads, non-standard layouts, the Planck and Ergodox keyboards. Also available are Euro and French packs for our European keyboard layout friends.

The novelty and colour keycap packs add some extra flair to your board with a red 'Sail' enter, anchor modifiers, wind roses as well as shipping direction arrow keys!

Discounts are available if buying more than 10 base sets, contact for details

MOQs & Order Numbers: (Last updated 1st Oct 2017)

Base-set: 100 MOQ (0 ordered)
Modifiers: 100 MOQ (0 ordered)
NumPad: 50 MOQ (0 ordered)
Non-Standard: 50 MOQ (0 ordered)
Homing: 15 MOQ (0 ordered)
Ergodox: 15 MOQ (0 ordered)
Planck: 25 MOQ (0 ordered)
Euro: 15 MOQ (0 ordered)
French: 25 MOQ (0 ordered)
Novelties: 50 MOQ (0 ordered)
Colour Pack: 50 MOQ (0 ordered)

Group-buy status: Starting 1st October

Please vote on changes to the keyset in round 2 here: https://goo.gl/forms/HeDO8M0DFXxWTUYt1