GMK Royal Navy


The next iteration of the Royal Navy design produced by GMK in thick Cherry profile with double-shot legends. The keyset will use custom colours to achieve the exact same colours as the DSA version, featuring Navy Blue modifiers, white alphanumerics with blue legends and accents of Royal Red.

The base includes keys to cover almost all keyboards, with ISO and ANSI support, non-standard bottom rows and shift keys. The base kit also includes numerous red accent and novelties keys allowing customisation of the design.

The ErgoPlanck kit offers standalone compatibility for the Ergodox, Planck, Preonic and other ortholinear keyboards.

The space bar kit extends compatibility to those with non-standard space sizes. Please refer to the kit diagrams for more info.

MOQ Numbers
Base Kit Ordered: 9/135
ErgoPlanck Kit Ordered: 5/60
Spacebar Kit Ordered: 3/50

Group-buy Status: Available
Group-buy Close Date: 30th Nov 2018
Estimated Shipping Date: 15th Mar 2019

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