Devlin Q-Series Skidata

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A classic keyset colour-scheme now produced in thick Q-series, the first ever keyset produced for UKKeycaps by Devlin available to the community

These keycaps are similar in profile to Signature Plastics' DSA profile, however they are significantly thicker and have exceptional build quality.

The TKL base-set includes keys for a TKL keyboard in either ISO-UK or ANSI layout. Additionally the Num & Non-Standard pack accommodates those who require number-pad keycaps or have a non-standard layout. Please see the images for the keys included in each pack. Q-Series keycaps are non-sculptured and feature homing bars on the F, J, and Num 5 keys.

Please note: Devlin cannot produce 6.25u Q-Series spacebars, therefore these will be sourced and colour-matched via Signature Plastics using DSA spacebars. DSA is a good profile match to Q series. Also Devlin cannot produce ISO enter keys. The ISO enter will be J-Series, similar to DCS. This is the same method Signature Plastics use when producing ISO enters for DSA keysets.

1x2.25 and 1x2.75 size keycaps will be in QS profile, meaning they will be slightly profile on the bottom edge.

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Key Facts:
Manufacturer: Devlin
Profile & Material: Q-Series ABS
Legend Type: Double-Shot
Designer: Joe K