Get closer to completing your dex with SA Dreameater, the second PkMn inspired set following on from Vilebloom. A haunting aesthetic of purple on dark blue shifting to light green.

The base kit includes full 60%, TKL and 65% compatibility as well as ISO-UK support. This includes a 1.75u right shift to extend compatibility to keyboards such as the Tada68 and Drop ALT. A NorDe kit is available for our continental friends and also options for number-pads, Ergodox and Ortholinear keyboards. The blanks kit extends compatibility to most 40% keyboards. The novelty kit includes ball, eye and scary face icons, as well as battle menu keys to compliment the aesthetic.

The shiny kit contains an arrow key cluster of purple translucent polycarbonate keycaps, for the trainer that seeks rarities. A group-buy exclusive cartridge novelty key was also available, but now the group-buy is over, this key is no longer purchasable.

This keyset is produced by Signature Plastics in ABS with double-shot legends. Please carefully view the kit diagram images to make sure the keys you require for your keyboard are included!

Can I still order? Yes! - Orders ship within 48 hours
Availability: All kits in-stock except Num-pad, Nov & NorDe

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Key Facts:
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Profile & Material: SA ABS
Legends: Double-shot
Designer: Joe K
Renders Credit: /u/Oblotzky and @prkns