SA Royal Navy


Set sail on the treacherous seas with the classic Royal Navy design in SA profile for the first time, a Signature Plastics production designed in house by MechSupply! Featuring Navy Blue modifiers, white alphanumerics with blue legends and accents of Royal Red.

The base includes coverage for 60% and TKL keyboards in either ANSI or ISO-UK layout. A split shift configuration is also supported in the base kit. Child kits include options for number-pads, non-standard layouts, additional spacebars and NorDe keys for our European layout friends. Unfortunately there are no Ergodox or Ortholinear dedicated kits, as these did not hit the minimum order requirements during the group-buy.

The novelty kit adds some extra flair to your set-up with a red 'Sail' enter, anchor modifiers, wind roses, knots as well as nautical arrow keys!

Status: 100% Shipped
Num-Pad and Specialties kits are still available

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Key Facts:
Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
Profile & Material: SA ABS
Legends: Double-shot
Renders Credit: /u/Oblotzky