SA Vilebloom


Indulge in nostalgia with SA Vilebloom, a PkMn inspired fully sculpted SA keyset for mechanical keyboards. Featuring a summery colour gradient of 4 custom colours Vilebloom is great for PkMn lovers or those who enjoy a brighter aesthetic.

The base kit covers 60% and TKL standard layouts in either ISO or ANSI configuration. A NorDe kit is available for our continental friends and also options for number-pads, Ergodox and Ortholinear keyboards. The novelty kit includes ball, flower and leaf icons, as well as battle menu keys to complete the look.

The Ergodox and Ortholinear kits in this group-buy are independent, meaning if you would like to cover an Ergodox keyboard, you would only need to purchase the Ergodox kit and not also the base kit.

This keyset is produced by Signature Plastics in ABS with double-shot legends. Please carefully view the kit diagram images to make sure the keys you require for your keyboard are included!

Kit Stock Levels

Base: Plenty
NumPad: Plenty
Non-Standard: Plenty
Ergodox: Plenty
Ortholinear: Plenty
NorDe: Low!
Novelties: Plently

Group-buy Status: In production queue - Available to pre-order
Estimated Shipping Date: March 2019

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All renders produced by /u/Oblotzky