Devlin K-Series Retroist

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A nuclear era inspired keyset colour-scheme produced in thick K-series, the first ever keyset produced for UKKeycaps by Devlin available to the community.

K-Series keycaps are similar to Signature Plastics SA profile, however they are significantly thicker with amazing build quality!

The K-Series profile is non-sculpted and features homing bars on the F and J keys. This keyset is for the Planck keyboard, and therefore only contains 1u and 2u keycaps.

Please note: This keyset does not feature homing bumps or bars on the F and J keys.

Proudly made in the UK for MechSupply, this is your chance to own a rare, high quality keyset for your Planck keyboard

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Key Facts:
Manufacturer: Devlin
Profile & Material: K-Series ABS
Legend Type: Double-Shot
Designer: Joe K